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Simo's New Year Message

Posted by Adam Clark on

Allo' folks… The phrase "Thank-you" is an agonizingly shallow way to convey how much I have appreciated your support over the last 3 1/2 years. Personally, all I can do is continue to dedicate my life to this brand and the people that make it special. You lot.

What a year it's been. Transitioning from a reasonably small business into a medium-sized enterprise hasn't been easy. We've fallen into just about every cliché pitfall that business textbooks tell you expanding businesses will face tongue emoticon

The upside to this is that we're coming through the other side without any mistakes left to make. We're on the cusp of watching our vision become reality. Our community has always been supportive & strong. Ya'll know it's the core (read: only) reason we have made it this far.

In the New Year we will see 12 months hard work & huge financial commitment to research & development come to fruition.

It's beyond Xmas at this point and we haven't had a true update to our catalog since August... Instead we're going to keep blasting you with EPIC deals until our new collection is ready early '16.

We aren't settling for anything less than perfection this time. We know the community is screaming out for new products but in order to truly reach the next level we had to take this time to develop our trend, design & manufacturing capabilities. Prepare your wallets my friends, as the products you'll see next year will live up to the values of our brand

To be perfectly honest I don't know many other independent apparel companies that would survive a gap in product release quite like the one we have had - But we've taken the chance and I believe it's going to pay off. Worst case scenario the next email you might receive from me will be asking for any job opportunities to be forwarded to simo@brokewear.net

In all seriousness - I am utterly certain there will be many more amazing years to come in our journey and I look forward to having an infinite amount of fun along the way

Wishing you a safe & happy holiday season from the team - Adam, Lawrence, Liz, Richard, James, Jakob, Ayesha, Amy, Geordie & I.

Simon Phillips
Managing Director

P.S - Planning on being retired by 2025 living on a super yacht doing baller stuff all day - so go buy a pair of tights would ya?
P.P.S - We hit 200k fans on Facebook the other day, how cool is that? We want 200k followers on Snapchat - Add us 'fitwear'.

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