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The 7 healthiest cocktails to keep your bod-goals in check

Posted by Kelsea Fowler on

Getting fit doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to drinking with friends. It’s called balance, duh!

Smart beverage choices can be the difference between a 150-calorie treat and a 1,000-calorie sugary disaster, though. Before you order another, boring Vodka cran, try one of these healthier cocktails that all ring in between 150-200 calories! That’s only a 19-minute jog, a 13 minute swim, or a 13 minute cycle… Cheers friends!

Note* Have your bartender sub out sugary mixers for fruit juice, honey, & herbs.

Here’s our personal faves, ranked!

  1. Gimlet: 178 Calories

If you’re a big-time gin drinker, Gimlet’s are your match. Not only are they timeless, but they’re low carb, low sugar, and consist of two, simple ingredients: sweetened lime juice & gin. Ask your bartender to keep added sugars out of the mix and throw in cucumber or basil for zestiness!

  1. Cosmopolitan: 150 Calories

A pink drink that’s perfect for your fit fam’s night out? Yas Queen. This classy combo of vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, and fresh lime are smooth and sweet, without being a total calorie bomb.

  1. Mojito: 140 Calories

Sweet, refreshing, and minty, an OG mojito will be made with rum, mint, soda water, lime, and a dash of sweetener. If you can, ask your bartender to use ½ the usual amount of simple syrup or skip it all together, you’ll save about 40 calories and get the delicious flavors from the mint and lime!

  1. Martini: 127 Calories

Vodka/gin + vermouth. Low in calories and very straightforward. Give it a colorful, immune boosting twist by adding a splash of lemon and/or pomegranate juice!

  1. Skinny Margarita:  117 Calories

Order up your favorite margarita “skinny-style” to avoid calories and a nasty sugar-crash. Do this by having your bartender sub out sweetened liquor for fresh OJ!

  1. Mimosa: 112 Calories

Let your Brunch Squad rejoice with this classy combo of champagne + fresh OJ!

  1. Paloma: 166 Calories

For when you crave a frozen marg but have goals. Paloma’s are simply tequila, grapefruit juice, club soda, and lime. NBD! Sometimes, the bartender will get fancy with a sugar or salt rim - request salt if you’d like (or skip it all together) to save calories.

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